Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 1

Well today I decided to create a blog my dear readers, and today has not been as exciting but drama has taken place especially yesterday. Well it started when I started talking to these nice girls at my school. One we will call Sophie. Well Sophie is the nicest one out of the bunch and she liked me secretly. And then we will call the one I used to date...hmm any suggestions my readers? how about Trixie or Kate? Yes you are right Kate is a good name well Kate spread rumors that I was dating Sophie and Sophie liked me she just wanted to be friends and figure out who I am before she told me. So she invited me places. Then The day my fall break began (which was yesterday) I decided I wanted to go fishing. What a great day is was yesterday. Waves were gently coming in and the sky was painted with nice clouds. I caught a nice sized bass right of the bat! The thrill of this made me very excited simply because there is nothing else like it. So then I get a text message as I am trying to enjoy this glorious day. (Now keep in mind I do not know sophie likes me and that I think the rumors are all true) Well the person who was texting me informed me of everything that was happening. I looked around sat there and tryed to think who could be texting me. As I was thinking I sat down and stared at the dark green grass and the beautiful lake in front of me. I texting the person back and said: " who gave you my number" and about that time I got a call from the mysterious person. They told me everything once again. But the person who called me was Ali. Ali is very mean to me and dislikes most people in this world. She said a bunch of things and was blirting out so much it was hard to understand, and about that time I had a bass on the line and it was a big one. It is very hard to talk to a mad women and try to catch a bass at the same time. Well then she hung up and I am now waiting for this episode to continue after my break. Well my readers that might be all for now.

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