Friday, October 14, 2011


Well it has been a while people! I am very sorry readers but I got busy with school. it happens. Well I pretty much cleared up all of the drama and I went fishing today but had no luck! But on the other hand, it was a half day at school so that was exciting. We had a field trip today at my school and it was interesting but there really there  is not much to say about it. the field trip was pointless and on this blue sun shining day, there were no clouds which resulted in heat. And.. a long bus ride. Now I am in the comfort of my home  thankfully.  I am writing several books and have a general idea for all of them and they all have great stories.I might change things up on my blog a bit. But before I go I have a thing I am going to start to do. I am going to call the question of the day. And today's question is.....Which is better... Facebook or twitter. (I do plan to get a twitter so you guys can follow me there. please comment and take some time to read what I have posted). Thanks

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